Nigerian Veteran Actor Kasimu Yero Dies

Veteran actor Kasimu Yero  dies at the age of 70 on Sunday afternoon. He was  described as a role model to many Nigerians.

Yero is remembered for his role as Uncle Gaga in the 1980s situational comedy ‘Cock Crow At Down’, and as a lead character in Abubakar Imam’s ‘Magana Jari Ce’.

Kasimu Yero was seen as a shining star whose talent brought him national acclaim for contributions to culture. He was a talented artist who was also at the forefront of drama in northern Nigeria.

He  mentored several artists who are now household names in their own right. He devoted his talents to nation building, preaching unity across religion, ethnic and regional lines.

Although Yero was born in Zaria, he moved to Kaduna when he became of school-age to live with his grandfather, Mohammed Sambo, who held the traditional title of Magajin Garin Kaduna.