Research Suggests ibuprofen May Affect Male Fertility

Discovery made by Danish researchers shows that doses of more than 1200 mg per day of ibuprofen disrupts  testosterone production pathways in men in just over a week.

Trial was conducted on 31 men aged 18 to 35 . For the clinical trial, 14 men took two doses of 600 mg of ibuprofen per day. The other 17 received sugar pills.

Researchers tracked the levels of ibuprofen and hormones in their blood and found that after two weeks, those who had been taking ibuprofen showed signs that their testicles were not making enough testosterone.

Specifically, researchers found these men had 23% more luteinizing hormone than the placebo group. .


But over long periods of time, low levels of testosterone can have adverse effects on the body.  Cultures on testis cell tissue confirmed that ibuprofen was the culprit for skewing the levels of these hormones.

Part of the reason these drugs are a painkiller of choice is because in low doses, they don’t typically have side effects. Nor do they interact strongly with other medications or supplements. It’s still probably safe for men to take ibuprofen over a couple of days for minor healing injury,

The men in the study suffered no permanent damage. Still, the authors are concerned about those who may use high doses of ibuprofen to manage chronic muscle strains or arthritis. This is one of the first studies to look at the long term effects of ibuprofen as a hormone disrupter. It’s not clear at what point suppressing testosterone levels becomes a permanent condition, or has lasting effects on fertility.