Campaigners Protest About Teaching LGBT Relationships In Birmingham School

Anderton Park Primary School has come under fire from  parents over issues regarding teaching children about LGBT relationships.

Campaigners has been holding placards outside the Birmingham school since March against the decision to teach pupils about same-sex relationships and transgender issues.

The dispute has been going on for eight weeks and during that time, children have been removed from classes and teachers have been threatened.

The crisis seem to have divided the Anderton Park community in Balsall Heath, many of whom are from a Muslim background. They claim that some of the teaching contradicted Islam.

Some of the parents said that they are not homophobic but at the same time they disagree with teaching young children about LGBT issues. They would prefer the subjects be  taught in secondary schools rather than primary schools.

The “No Outsiders” scheme, created by one of its teachers Andrew Moffatt, had been running at the school since 2014.

It was formed to educate children about the Equality Act, British values, and diversity, using storybooks to teach children about LGBT relationships, race, religion, adoption and disability. Organisers are petitioning for the school’s head, Mrs Hewitt-Clarkson to step down.