Cameroonian Forces Condemned For Atrocities In The Western Region

Cameroonian security forces have been condemned for causing a long string of abuses in the North-West region of the civil strife country.

Unlawful killings and use of excessive force by Cameroonian government forces during security operations have been rife since the crisis started over three years ago in the Anglophone regions of the country.

Deadly violence has claimed over 2000 lives and almost half a million people have been misplaced from their homes.

There has been extensive burning of villages by members of the security forces between 2017 and 2019 in both the North-West and South-West regions, as well as killings of civilians and sexual violence against women.

Victims had not been contacted to register their losses, and none had yet received any compensation or knew of anyone in the neighborhood who had.

The international community has become increasingly aware of the serious crimes in the Anglophone regions, despite Cameroonian government efforts to prevent coverage and documentation of violations.

The office of the United National High Commissioner for Human Rights in 2018 requested access to investigate abuses in the region, raising concern about lack of access for human rights and humanitarian actors, but has not received permission.

Switzerland have also recently offered to mediate talks between the government and seperatist leaders of the affected regions, amid international calls to address the crisis.

Both parties are been advised to stop abuses against civilians and strictly respect human rights law. The government should immediately investigate these killings and all allegations of abuse, including unlawful and excessive use of force by its forces.

It should permit human rights monitors to operate without hindrance and allow independent scrutiny of its efforts to adhere to international human rights law.