Pretana Morgan Speaks Out After Son Killed Due To Gun Violence

Rhyhiem Ainsworth Barton was shot dead in Warham Street, Southwark, London over the bank holiday weekend on Saturday.

The mother of the 17-year-old, Pretana Morgan has called for an end to violence on London’s streets.

She said, “Let my son be the last and be an example to everyone. Just let it stop,”

Rhyhiem Barton who his mother says was “trying to make a difference” by learning to work with children, was reportedly shot while playing football with friends and died at the scene on Saturday evening.

His mother, Pretana Morgan, said she “couldn’t have asked for a better son”. She said he was not in a gang and aspired to be an architect.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan sent his condolences to the family and said his thoughts went out to them.

A police team is searching the scene outside Aberfeldy House in Camberwell New Road. No arrests have been made as part of the murder probe.