Resurgence Of Gulf Of Guinea Economies

The Gulf of Guinea commission is coming up with a system for it’s member states to maximize their assets to revitalize their economies.

Innitially the commission wants to tackle the illegal fishing and unauthorized exploitation of marine resources which constitute major economic issues in the area.

Overlooking the Gulf of Guinea from this window at the United Nations building in Luanda is the secretariat of the commission in the Angolan capital. The Nigerian-born diplomat and head of the commission, Adenike Ukonga says some players are taking advantage of the marine resources of the gulf of guinea at the expense of member states.

The commission today has only nine member-states including Nigeria out of the 13 countries located along the Gulf of Guinea with Liberia, Cote Di Voire, Togo and Benin Republic yet to join.

The gulf of guinea commission was established in 2001 but 17 years after it faces the challenge of non-payment of financial obligations by member states. Nigeria is however up-to-date in her commitment to the organisation.