Shayanna Jenkins Reflects On Fiancee Aaron Hernandez’s Anxieties

The fiancee of former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez has said in an interview that the NFL star denied to her rumors that he was gay.

Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez told Phil McGraw of the talk show “Dr. Phil” that she was told the rumors by defense lawyers. She asked him if the rumors were true and he flat out denied it.

27 year old Hernandez was in prison for the murder of Odin Lloyd, who was dating the sister of Hernandez’s fiancee.

Authorities claim he was found dead in his cell at the Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center on April 19. His death came five days after he had been acquitted in a separate double murder trial.

After Hernandez death, there were published reports that he feared being outed as gay or bisexual.

She indicated Hernandez had concerns about rumors while in prison she didn’t know whether Hernandez thought the claim might surface publicly.

She also addressed the issue of three notes found after Hernandez died, saying one was to her, one was to their daughter, and one was to his lawyers.

There were peculiarities in his suicide note to her, she said in the first segment. It was oddly short, and rather than calling her “babe” or “bae,” he addressed her by name, she said. It was also strange that he didn’t sign it “soulmate.”

“It screamed love, but it wasn’t personal. It wasn’t intimate. … There were some odd parts where It didn’t make sense,” she said. “The handwriting was similar but I feel like, again, you have nothing but time in there, so, I feel like it’s easily duplicated or could be.”

She did, however, say the phrase “You’re rich” referenced their love.

Asked if she believed her fiance was guilty of Lloyd’s killing, Jenkins-Hernandez said, “I truly don’t. I’ve said it over and over. He may have been at the wrong place, wrong time, but I don’t think what is said to be out there is actually accurate.”

“I want him to be known as innocent, because he was. … (The media) want to make him out to be this monster and he’s not.”

Jenkins-Hernandez told McGraw in the first part of the interview there was no indication Hernandez was suicidal. Their chats prior to his death struck an encouraging tone. He spoke of coming home and keeping up the fight, she said.

She called the acquittal in the second murder trial a high point in her fiance’s legal drama, and the night before he died, he told their 4-year-old daughter, Avielle, he was coming home and couldn’t wait to sleep in the bed with her and her mother.

She believes she was the last person to speak with him, and their conversation was “completely normal.” At no point did he indicate he would never see her or Avielle again.

“I remember him saying, ‘Babe I’ve got to go. They’re shutting the doors.’ I honestly don’t think we said, ‘I love you’ to each other. And that was it,” she said.

“I don’t know what to believe, to be honest with you. It’s just not the Aaron that I know. I think that if he would have done something like this, it would have been at his worst, and I felt like it was looking so bright. We were going up a ladder, in a sense, to a positive direction,” she said. “I don’t think this was a suicide, knowing him. I don’t know. I don’t know.”

Had she any inkling Hernandez was pondering taking his life, she said, she would have taken action.

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