Chad Gordon

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Chad Gordon was shot dead on his doorstep in North London after answering the door to a pair of assassins intent on revenge during the first coronavirus lockdown

The 27 year old from Haringey was shot last May after the gunmen went to Mr Gordon’s home in Wilshire Gardens by mistake. He lived there with his grandmother and aunt and had been diagnosed with autism.

19 year old Mason Sani-Semedo from Tottenham, and 20 year old Cameron Robinson from Dagenham are charged with his murder.

It is believed that the identity of the intended target is not known and the killers must have made a mistake in choosing Mr. Gordon home.

The killers arrived on a stolen moped to avenge the death of a friend, Jemal Ebrahim, who had been stabbed five days before.

His family and friends, who were alerted to the sound of gunfire and the crash as he collapsed to the ground, were quickly beside him but there was nothing that could be done to save him.

Mr Gordon’s aunt shouted at the killers as they ran back to the moped. Without breaking stride, they pointed the gun at her and told her to shut up before escaping.

Mr Sani-Samedo and Mr Robinson also both deny a charge of possessing a gun with intent. Another three defendants are also on trial and deny their part in the murder.

Javarn Carter-Fraser, 23, of Tottenham, gave them petrol to destroy incriminating evidence while Talye Olabisi, 24, and Clive Spencer, 24, of Tottenham, provided a change of clothes.