Mohamoud Mohamed



Mohamoud Mohamed was stabbed to death in Moss Side as part of a feud between the Rusholme Crips and AO gangs.

Mohamoud Mohamed, 17, died following an incident in July 2020. He was stabbed in the chest, before being further attacked, after being pursued into an alleyway, the jury was told.

They said Mr Mohamed was associated with the rival Rusholme Crips gang.

GMP’s Xcalibre taskforce, which works to tackle the activities of gangs, had spoken with Mr Mohamed, but he ‘didn’t want to engage’.

Four defendants came across Mr Mohamed then stabbed him in the chest, pursued him into an alleyway and attacked him again, where he collapsed and died.

“Each of the defendants was armed with some form of a weapon which was produced during the confrontation.”

“The motive and background to this killing was a gangland dispute.

“Mr Mohamed and the defendants having affiliations to rival urban gangs.”

Jurors were told the defendants were armed with a knife, machete and imitation handgun.

Mr Mohamed, who also suffered a number of stab wounds to his face, collapsed in the alleyway and was pronounced dead at the scene at 8.09pm.

The 17-year-old defendant suffered stab wounds and was taken to hospital.

Jurors were told Mr Mohamed lived in Moss Side and was known to officers as part of GMP’s Xcalibre taskforce.

Prosecutors said he was ‘polite and respectful’, but ‘didn’t want to engage’ with them.

They said pictures were found showing each of the defendants wearing a ‘distinctive red bandana’ and ‘making the gang sign of AO’.

Other lyrics also discovered made reference to ‘taking a knife to the opposition side to cause harm’, jurors heard.