Paul Erhahon

Paul Erhahon was a schoolboy who was walking home with his friend on Good Friday of 2007 around 7pm, when he received a single 7in stab wound with a samurai sword in an initiation rite for a gang of up to 15 youths,  some members were as young as 13, in Leytonstone  just before 8pm on Friday April 2007.

An older gang member told Paul to come over “or this could get physical”. The youth had earlier told another member of his gang “I want to rob him”. When Paul refused, the youth – then aged 15 – urged his three younger accomplices to attack – saying “Go on youngsters.”

Paul pleaded for his life but was stabbed by the gang, known then as the Cathall Street Bois gang – described in court as a “cult obsessed with violence”.

The gang then turned on Paul’s friend, who was stabbed five times in the legs and body before he was left for dead. They then ran off laughing.

Paul collapsed in the street in front of his screaming mother after he and a friend were stabbed repeatedly and died later in hospital.

 Paul was transferred to a new school by his concerned parents after “bullies” stabbed him in 2006.

IMOPE Soccer School was set up In Memory Of Paul who at the age of 14 showed
great potential in sports and music.  IMOPE has been opened in his memory to help children have fun, be safe and have a positive environment and out look to their future.

We work with footballers of all levels. From those that want to play for fun to players that play
competitive football up to academy standard. This allows us to offer a clear pathway from Grass roots to
academy for any player that shows that potential.